Writing my first Asian cookbook (Progress report- August 2016)

The last day of August happens to be the National Day of Malaysia. It is also time for me to review what I have accomplished, learned and hindrances I encountered in writing my Asian cookbook.

I made a short trip early this month to visit my son in Adelaide, Australia.  Because of that, I have left my Asian cookbook project aside for awhile. I have to catch up of what was left behind of writing my Asian cookbook. Holiday is time to relax, recharge and reassess what I have done so far. The relaxed mind is ideal for the subconscious to work, and looking at things from a different perspective.

So far I am on target, wrote another ten recipes and rewrote two as posts. Not bad for someone who are working full time and sacrifice some precious to do this. (Trust me, it is seven days job at my cafe). Juggling time between work and writing is a formidable task due to numerous interruptions by urgent and important matters.

I believe goal setting is critical because it makes me work harder. If I lack behind, I’ll find ways to work smarter and prioritize urgent and important things. In a way, I learn not only writing a book but how to get things done on time and with the best quality.

One huge advantage I have in my restaurant it that I have a large kitchen. The facility enables recipe testing carrying out with ease with the help from my staffs.

What I have achieved in writing my first Asian cookbook (August 2016)

In summary, here is what I have done so far to my Asian cookbook project;

  • Number of recipes written: 51
  • Word count of my book: 12,600 words

Although the targeted date of launching the Asian cookbook is by the end of the year, I would prefer to have an excellent book rather than drafting the recipe collection haphazardly. My family from Hong Kong will visit me in Kuala Lumpur. Also, my son will take his annual ‘Balik Kampung’ (means back home) trip back home. Besides, there will be a surge of orders at my cafe during Christmas and school holidays. Nonetheless, I’ll keep writing and testing the recipe as plan.

My focus in the following month is to write recipes require steaming technique. So far there are only a handful of such recipes that I wrote. I will also write a chapter on how to steam fish which will be very useful for anyone who are new to this cooking method.

Activities on my blog in August 2016

I have not decided to categorize the recipes according to the country of origin or by types of dishes (poultry, fish, vegetable). Both methods have their advantages, but an index is useful for the readers to search by country and by types of food.

There are three recipes posted on my blog in August, and I will keep the rest solely as the content of the book. I will post about 20% of the recipes, as a way to let readers have a realistic expectation of the content of my book.  Mostly likely mMy readers wouldn’t mind buying the book even though some recipes are posted on my blog.   I am planning to offer a discount to my loyal readers who want to buy the book

Page view of my blog increases steadily month after month. I got an 11500-page view of my blog in the last 30 days, and should keep growing based on the past performance. The blog is an important medium to promote the Asian cookbook when it is published.  Readers who follow my blog love to cook Asian food. I hope the book can help anyone who aspires to cook authentic Asian food but is intimidated by the unfamiliar techniques.  They may be also unsure whether the recipes are authentic as there are many westernized Asian recipes available on the internet.

Photography is my rediscovered hobby

There are three fundamental components of a good recipe- presentation, taste, and aroma. It is certainly not possible to deliver the taste and aroma with words, but a great shot of a mouth-watering meal can capture the essence of the irresistible flavor and aroma.

Photography is my hobby since my school days. I have read and watched numerous articles and videos on how to take good food photographs and happy to see a marked improvement recently. Most of my recent food images are published on Foodgawker, the most famous and stringent food photo sharing website. This small achievement is of great encouragement to me, and light up my inner desire to improve further a hobby that I ardently love.

It is time to get back to the kitchen now (as I have mentioned before, I work in a restaurant). There will be recipes testing whenever I am free during the off-peak hours. (Fortunately, this is my own business, or I’ll get fired!

If you have any easy Asian recipes in mine, please let me know and I’ll be happy to incorporate them into my Asian cookbook as long as it fits the ‘easy recipe’ criteria.

Leave a comment to let me know your thought on this.

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