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Learn how to cook the time-tested recipes served in an Asian restaurant created by a native Asian chef.

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Each recipe starts with one page of introduction, one page of ingredients and method of
preparation, and follow by 2-3 pages of detail explanation.

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Hear what people are saying
about the recipes

Sarah is extremely happy with the result

“After my recent visit to Malaysia where I fell in love with the authentic Malaysian food that was available for me. It was nothing like what I had experienced in America. When I returned was eager get the recipes myself. I could find a cookbook that was not only affordable but simple and easy to follow. That’s when I found I was so happy I this ebook. The steps were extremely easy to follow and I love the detail provided about the ingredients. I feel like such a pro now, and thanks to this amazing eBook I am now a experienced Asian-chef in my group of friends. Thank you so much!”

Sarah, USA

Roderik find that it is easy and tasty

“Your instruction for your recipes is simple and straightforward. Most of all easy and tasty!”

Roderick Dizon

Michele enjoys cooking different meals from different countries

“Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I enjoy cooking different meals from different countries exploring cuisine’s from around the world.
Your instructions are clear and direct. We are not always able to get all the ingredients in SA and would appreciate some substitutes where possible”


Lubna find that the recipes are clear and easy to follow

“The recipes are clear with easy method , there are useful notes and the introduction page is very useful. It would be fantastic if you add more yummy Malaysian recipes”

Lubna Abdullah

Doreen loves the way we explain how to use and prepare each spice

“I found your recipe for Malaysian Curry Chicken very easy to follow. Loved the way you explained each spice used and how to prepare it. My family loved the results. I’ll definitely be making this again. Look forward to trying out your other recipes.”

Doreen Bassett, Johannesburg, South Africa

David loves the recipes far away from Malaysia

“Thanks for your generosity in sharing your recipe with us. Bring far away from Malaysia and able to enjoy cooking the dishes is a great bonus.

David, Canada