Asian cookbook

Why I wanted to write an Asian cookbook?

I have not written an Asian cookbook, but I have actively blogged about Asian food for more than a year. I am just like other bloggers- hoping that my posts and articles are read and appreciated by like-minded people. Right now, I have over five hundred subscribers to my list who are actively following my…

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Japanese curry

Japanese Curry

Have you tried Japanese curry? When I say curry, most people will associate it with the fiercely hot and spicy Indian curry. You can also visualize the flavor of Thai green curry, Malaysian curry chicken, and Indonesian rendang. However, Japanese curry is an exception. It is not hot and spicy and has a tinge of…

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sweet soy sauce beef

Sweet soy sauce beef stew

Sweet soy sauce beef is a unique beef stew waiting for you to discover and let the myriad of spices tantalize your taste buds. That is called daging masak hitam manis, or sweet soy sauce beef stew. OK. That sounds interesting. But what is so impressive that makes all the difference from the familiar beef…

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Chicken curry

Chicken Curry Recipe

Today I am going to write about one of the best selling dishes in my cafe- Malaysian chicken curry. What makes me write about chicken curry is that many customers ask me for the recipe, and I’m glad to show you how you can replicate it at home. I have spoken to many restaurateurs and we all agree that…

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Massaman curry

Massaman Curry

Massaman curry (gaeng matsaman – แกงมัสมั่น) is a unique Thai curry.  Massaman curry is not fiercely hot and does not cook with curry leaves. It is ideal for people who wants to try the authentic Asian flavor, yet do not wish to bear the burning hot feeling of most curries, such as Thai green curry. Massaman curry is a…

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Cantonese style Chinese porridge

Chinese Porridge Recipe – With Lean Pork and Thousand Year Eggs (皮蛋瘦肉粥)

This porridge recipe shows you how to make the silkiest and most comforting Chinese porridge called the Lean Pork and Thousand Year Eggs Porridge (皮蛋瘦肉粥). Many people think that the only way to get the velvety smooth porridge is to simmer the porridge for long hours. In this porridge recipe, I’ll describe the method of…

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Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese Pho Recipe

Who doesn’t likes Vietnamese pho? In the Vietnamese culinary repertoire, pho is the quintessential food. Actually, it’s the national dish of Vietnam. So what is pho? Pho is one of the modern elements of Vietnamese cuisine with relatively short history. It is an amalgamation of local Vietnamese ingredients and French culinary techniques resulting from French…

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Thai green curry

Thai Green Curry

Thai green curry is the most famous Thai dish outside Thailand. It has a distinct green color that set it apart from Indian, Malaysian and Japanese curries which are mostly red or yellow. The green color is from the green chilies instead of red chilies used in other types of curry. Why is it so? It is…

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Kung Pao chicken rcipe

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe (The Complete Guide)

I cooked Kung Pao chicken for my customers for many years. Throughout my restaurant career, I always referred to different recipes by renowned chefs from China and other countries, looking for the best way to cook Kung Pao. This is because I am curious to find out, and looking forward to cooking the best for…

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Parmesan crusted chicken Asian food blog

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Asian Flavor (Quick and Easy Recipe with an Asian flavor) Parmesan crusted chicken is not only easy to prepare but is the most savory way to dress up chicken breasts or thigh fillet for a quick meal. I have tested a number of ways and finally settled with one unique version…

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