Asian food - perfect cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake (The How-To-Bake Guide With Seven Easy Steps)

Japanese cheesecake is not the typical Asian dessert, but Japanese cheesecake is one dessert sensation that every cheesecake lovers will ask for more. In this post I attempt to document how I make the Japanese cheesecake and love to share my experience with you. The secret of making cotton-soft, featherlight and melt-in-the-mouth Japanese cheesecake Most…

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stir fry beef with ginger and spring onion

Beef Stir Fry With Ginger And Scallion

Beef stir fry with ginger and scallion is one of the Chinese dishes I am fond of since young. The sliced beef is succulent, tender and fragrant and full of ginger and scallion flavor. It is easy easy to prepare, which takes you less than ten minutes to stir fry. It is so good that…

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How to stir-fry the authentic Asian way

This is your ultimate guide to show you how to stir-fry the authentic Asian way. And trust me, if you follow all the tips listed here, you are well on the way to putting yourself in the elite league of master chefs. This guide has all the information you need to create any great stir fry…

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Chow Mein Recipe

Chow Mein Recipe – Asian-Inspired Fried Noodles Stir-fried noodles, usually called chow mein in English-speaking countries, actually were named because of a corruption of the the Chinese word, “chau-meing.” The name basically just means “fried noodles.” Chow ( 炒 )means fried, and mein ( 面 ) means noodles! Variations of chow mein are very popular…

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Stir Fry Sauce : The All-purpose Asian Sauce

All-purpose Asian Stir Fry Sauce Various combination of ingredients and the right combination contribute to the wonderful flavor of stir-frying dishes. In this article, I will discuss the various types of seasoning ingredient, and offers three of my best recipes to constitute a seasoning mixtures suitable for most of the Chinese cuisine. I have some…

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Chicken Adobo Recipe

Chicken Adobo – The Unofficial National Dish of The Philippines Chicken Adobo is a very popular dish in the Philippines. In fact, adobo is so popular in the Philippines that it has unofficially been called the national dish of the Islands. Chicken adobo is basically a dish made up of vinegar mixed with soy sauce…

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Asian noodles

How To Prepare Asian Noodles For Stir-frying

Asian Noodles For Stir-frying There are many types of Asian noodles available. Some of them are dry noodle, much like the Japanese instance noodle. Some are wet and is normally sold in wet market or supermarket with a relatively short shelf life. Some are so dry that it needs to be soak for two hours…

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Pad Thai recipe

Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai – The King Of Street Food Pad Thai is a stir fried rice noodle dish that is most commonly served and eaten as street food in many local eateries scattered throughout Thailand. The locals love the dish and it is one of the staples of the Thai diet. Not only is the dish…

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How to prepare sweet and sour sauce

Sweet And Sour Sauce (Ku Lou sauce) 咕噜酱 In this section, I would like to show you how to prepare a simple yet delicious sauce called Sweet And Sour Sauce (Ku Lou sauce). Ingredients: Tomato sauce 420g Chilli sauce 270g Plum sauce 250g Sugar 170g Lemon juice 60g Salt 25g Method of preparation Mix all…

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stir fry sauce ingredients

How To Marinate Meat

How To Marinate Meat Marinate means to soak a food item in a liquid or dry powder in order to: 1. Flavor the food – The flavoring effect is due to the spices and flavoring agent in the marinade penetrate into the inner part of the food pieces.  Normally, meat and seafood are the food…

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