Writing my cookbook- Progress report July 2016

Times fly, and I have started to write my cookbook since April. Now it is approaching the end of July, a period that I am looking forward in the past two months.

I am going to visit my son in Adelaide, Australia this week.  There will be a load of Malaysian food in my luggage to bring along. He is not a fussy eater, and neither crave for food but does appreciate tasty food. He is a person who looks at food from a different perspective from me. (I am a restaurateur, and he is a food scientist.) In any case, a significant portion of my luggage bag are filled with packaged food from home, but I will cook some typical Asian food during my short stay with him.

New recipes in my cookbook

my cookbook clay pot riceBack to the topic of the progress of my cookbook. I have gone overboard in food photography and busy uploading the YouTube recipes in the past few weeks. There are some new recipes that I have posted on my website, which will be the content of my forthcoming book. Nevertheless, the will be many more easy recipes that I do not intend to publish on the blog.

What is the point of publishing a book if the majority of the content have already posted on the Internet? Some recipes are short and easy, albeit tasty and enticing. These recipes are not so suitable for being the content to write a blog post of thousand words. If you are the follower of my blog, you should know my writing style is very up focused on cooking technique. There is not me to fluff up the word count by telling stories. I will publish these amazing ethnic recipes in my book instead of posting it on my blog.

My sister in law pass a Chinese soup recipe book to me last week called Miraculous Soups by Wu JiLin, a Taiwanese author. She has tried most of the recipes and vault that it is delicious and easy to follow. I did try some of it when I was having dinner at her house. I will try to adapt some of these recipes with the best potential accepted by the non-Asian pallet. These are all excellent recipes, but some ingredients can be hard to find out of Asia. I will improvise some recipes and pick and relevant one for my cookbook.

Simplify the complicated recipes

I have tried many recipes in the last few months.  What I realized is that the scope of Asian food is so enormous that it is impossible to cover in my cookbook. Since Malaysia’s gastronomic heritage has found its roots in the colonial period with multiracial culture, I will concentrate on Malaysian food that I know best.   Since my forte is Chinese and Malaysian food, my recipes will be created around this genre of food and slowly expand to other Asian recipes that are popular in the country I stay. I would think it is a more logical way to narrow down the scope.  Perhaps the title of my cookbook will be something like “ Easy Recipe- Popular Asian food in Malaysia.”

As regards to easy recipes, there is a dilemma to simplify some best Asian food that I like. Some food needs more time to prepare.   Marinating and prolonged stewing is essential to let the flavor develop. In light of this, I will divide the recipe based on the level of difficulty. The basic concept of the cookbook is still about simplicity.   I believe you will find that it is easier to cook once you are familiar with it.

My new kitchen staff can do it, so can you!

It takes twice the time for my team to cook something new, but the time required is drastically shortened once they master the technique. Based on my experience, I can assume that it is hard to any newcomers to cooking a complicated Asian dish.

Therefore, I will categorize the recipes according to the level of difficulty. Once you get over the learning curve, you will be able to cook it like a breeze.  Anyone who is intensely passionate about their cuisine should learn up the recipes by no time.

The original objective to offset something easy to cook still apply. However, I will loosen the definition of cooking time.  Passive cooking such as stewing and marinating as part of the calculation of cooking time.

What I have done so far

Here is the summary of my progress in writing my cookbook:

  • Complete 40 recipes.
  • Total word count is 10,000 now.
  • Publish three recipes on my blog, in which two will be included in the book.
  • Boost each of my posts with the Facebook ad to attract new readers.

More beautiful images

I will devote more time to write recipes in the following month. I also plan to take more lovely food photography for each recipe. The photograph is an integral part of my recipe book. I am working towards to have my cookbook with plenty beautiful images.

OK. It is time to get back to work. In the next few days, I will try to look for some local ingredients in Australia and cook up a meal with an adventurous twist of Asian flavor. These recipes may turn out to be astonishingly appetizing that become one of the recipes in my book. I am looking forward to cooking there!

If you have any easy Asian recipes in mine, please let me know and I’ll be happy to incorporate them into my cookbook as long as it fits the ‘easy recipe’ criteria.

Leave a comment to let me know your thought on this.

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