Since I  decided to write my cookbook two months ago, I have tested many recipes from my archive and developing the new one. I do this because I want to gather all the necessary content I need for my cookbook as soon as possible. I plan to complete the first draft of my cookbook by the end of this year. I have mentioned the objectives, the targeted readers, the number of recipes I intended to include in the book in my last progress report, BUT without setting a date of completion.

A completion date of my cookbook is vital to keep me from procrastinating. It is unrealistic to keep adding new recipes, writing cooking techniques and other elements indefinitely. With this in mind, I have set the date of completion of the first draft by the end of this year, another six months from now.


What have I accomplished so far for writing my cookbook

  • Writing my cookbookComplete 35 recipes so far. It is realistic to reach my target of 100 recipes by the end of this year if I can keep up at this pace. If I write and test ten recipes in a month, I should be able to complete the recipe section.
  • Post some of the recipes on my blog. I have to rewrite each recipe as the length, layout and design of a recipe on the blog is different from my cookbook. For example, Kindle only allows limited images and layout designs. However, I can practically apply any design and page format when I publish a post. The posts include more images, but are also lengthier and require more time to complete. I have three posts in this month so far- chicken karaage, three cups chicken, and braised Chinese pork belly. It takes time to rewrite the recipes, so I will not post all of them.  However, you can get the free book from me once I publish it by forwarding your email address and name to me,
  • So far I have written about 9000 words.
  • I set a small budget to boost every recipe I post through the Facebook ad.  It is an effective way to increase the fan base and to reach more people. Facebook is an ideal platform to do this. I will also post on Pinterest and Instagram actively to get new readers to read my blog, who are potential readers of the cookbook.

There will be a chapter on essential Asian cooking techniques in this book

My cookbookIt is important to include the basic Asian cooking techniques since it is for readers who are new to Asian food. This section will equip them with the knowledge particularly of stir-frying, steaming and oil blanching. Since I am writing this book in English, many of my readers will be non-Asian. I think they may not be very familiar with these cooking techniques.

I have written a post The definitive guide to stir-frying as well as some other unpublished materials on file. These materials will be the source of the chapter on stir-frying in the book. Steaming is a simpler, but you still need to follow some general rules to be proficient. I think it is paramount to include this section in my cookbook so that anyone who is new to steaming can have the complete understanding of the technique. Non-Asians do not use the oil blanching technique in cooking although it is very common in Chinese cooking. This method refers to deep-fry the food pieces in hot oil for a very short period, usually for one to two minutes before proceed to stir-frying.

Redefined ‘easy’ Asian recipes

Initially, I want to include recipes that take only 30 minutes or less to cook, which is what the busy homemakers preferred. However, I realize that many recipes that required more than 30 minutes are equally easy to prepare.

For example, Taiwanese braised chicken called Three Cups Chicken is made by marinating the chicken for at least half a day and then continue braising it for another 20 minutes. Most of the time spend on passive cooking and the actual active cooking time is minimum.

I have since broadened the selection to include such recipes with this concept in mind. These are easy recipes that will be appreciated by the busy homemakers.

If you have any easy Asian recipes in mine, please let me know and I’ll be happy to incorporate them into my cookbook as long as it fits the ‘easy recipe’ criteria.

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