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Ten Most Popular Recipes in 2019

Dear friend, 

Here is the ‘Ten Most Popular Recipes in 2019’ e-book. 

Please do the following to download the book:

1. Please fill in your name and the email address in the form below so that I can deliver it to you.
2. Check the ‘Email’ checkbox to allow me sending you more recipes when I publish in the future.
3. Hit the submit button ‘Free Recipe Book‘ at the bottom of the form.
4. Next, please check your email from Taste of Asian Food, with the title ‘Download your recipe book“, click the link in the email to download the book. (Note: If you can’t find my email in your inbox, it may end up in the trash box or spam box in some rare cases. For Gmail, it may be in the Promotions tab instead of in the Primary or Social tab.)
5. I find that the Adobe Acrobat app works best to read PDF files on mobile, but I guess most of the other apps should be fine. 

Please take note of the followings before reading the recipe book:

  • Each recipe starts with a very detailed step by step guide, followed by the actual recipe itself. If you are unsure, always refer to the text before the recipe. 
  • There is a link called CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO right before the Ingredients of each recipe. Please click it to watch it on YouTube, which will show you how to cook in detail. 
  • If you have any questions, please click the link at the end of each recipe written as LEAVE YOUR COMMENT OR READ MY BLOG. It will bring you to the same recipe on my food blog, where you can leave your comment at the comment section at the end of the blog post. 
  • I will put up a notice on my Facebook page whenever there are new recipes published on my food blog. Please ‘Like’ my page Taste of Asian Food here. 

Happy cooking.

KP Kwan