butter prawns with oats

Butter prawns with oats and egg floss (麦片奶油虾)

Butter prawns with oats and egg floss, Malaysian Style? These prawns are crunchy, juicy, coated with oats, and crispy strips of egg floss. Yes, egg floss.  You read it right. Crispy and buttery! If you are not convinced you should cook it, take a look at the picture below. We developed this recipe several years…

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Chinese pork ribs

Braised Chinese pork ribs (Wuxi style) 無錫排骨

Chinese pork ribs are so tender that the meat is almost melting off from the bone! It is called Wuxi Pork ribs (無錫排骨), the signature cuisine of Wuxi, a town in the Jiangsu 江蘇 province of China. This article is all about how to cook this famous Chinese pork ribs, characterized by the sweetness of…

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pan-fried shrimps

Pan-fried shrimps with Premium Soy Sauce- How to make in 4 simple steps

In this article, I want to share with you an easy Chinese style pan-fried shrimps recipe (豉油王蝦/干煎虾碌). This Cantonese pan-fried shrimps recipe takes only twenty minutes to prepare, use nothing but the most common ingredients in the home kitchen.  Nevertheless, it has a very different flavor from the western style garlic butter shrimps, shrimps casserole…

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easy lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets- How to prepare in four simple steps

In this article, I want to introduce a lamb cutlets recipe that is different from what you get in an average restaurant. The lamb cutlets (Chinese style) are marinated with a set of seasonings comprises the unique ingredient called Maggi seasoning. Apart from this, it also has soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. You…

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green tea chiffon cake

How to make green tea chiffon cake – the complete guide

Making green tea chiffon cake involve only a few steps. However, it is not as simple as you think if you want to make it perfect each time. This guide provides all the information you need to make the chiffon cake which is moist, soft, light, airy, fluffy and free from large air bubbles. Let’s…

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Eggplant with garlic sauce

Eggplant with garlic sauce – How to cook in 4 easy steps

Eggplant with garlic sauce (Yuxiang eggplant, 鱼香茄子) is a relatively easy and extremely delicious home-cooked dish. However, it is very tricky to cook eggplant. Many people struggle to perfect it because of eggplant absorbs oil quickly and become soggy, at the same time it lost its appetizing purple hue after cooking. This article will show you…

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Chinese vegetable stir fry recipe

Vegetable stir fry – How to prepare in four easy steps

Vegetable stir-fry is a quick and easy Chinese dish.  Stir-frying adds a whole new dimension to your plain vegetables, only if you do it right. In this article, I want to explain how to prepare Chinese vegetable stir fry in detail.  Your lustrous, gorgeous vegetable stir fry with remarkable texture will knock your socks off.…

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tofu with minced pork recipe

Tofu with minced pork recipe – How to cook in 4 easy steps

Tofu with minced pork is one home-cooked dish that served in every Chinese household. And do you know that tofu (beancurd) has an ancient history way back to two thousand years ago? Legend has it that tofu was invented by Lord Liu An 劉安, a Han Dynasty prince around 160 BC. The earliest evidence of…

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Chinese pork ribs featured image

Chinese Spare Ribs Recipe – How to make in 4 simple steps

Look at the image above, the Chinese Spare Ribs that has to be tasted to believe. Why? If you regularly use herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, black pepper and olive oil to make braised pork ribs, now think of replacing them with a plethora of Asian spices- cloves, scallion, star anise, cinnamon, sesame oil…

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Japanese cheesecake

How To Make Japanese Cheesecake (Soufflé Cheesecake) in seven simple steps

Have you tried Japanese cheesecake before? Japanese cheesecake is pillowy soft, with cottony texture and soufflé like crumbs. When it is fresh from the oven, the cake is so soft that it jiggles like soufflé! That is why is called soufflé cheesecake in Japan. It involves (a) beating the egg whites separately to become meringue…

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