chicken katsu recipe with salad

Chicken katsu recipe- How to make the best Japanese fried chicken

Looking for great food but do not want to spend too much time to cook? We have the chicken katsu recipe for you. This chicken katsu recipe has an incredibly crispy outer layer of breadcrumbs, with the moist and juicy chicken breast meat inside. The best part, it takes less than thirty minutes from preparation…

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Japanese salad recipe

How to make the best Japanese salad (complete guide)

Everbody loves salad, especially Japanese salad. The universal appeal of Japanese salad has made it a crowd favorite worldwide, and this recipe is no exception. This triple mushroom salad is perfect for Sunday dinner, weekend brunch and almost in any occasion. Why. Because it is so easy to prepare. The salad is dressed with an…

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hard boiled eggs feature image

How to cook the perfect hard boiled eggs

You may think it is easy to cook hard boiled eggs. I can only agree with you if you can tolerate the hard boiled eggs that are hard to peel, with over-cooked egg whites, crumbly egg yolks that lined with a greenish ring. Unfortunately, many restaurants, street vendors, and specialty eateries serve such low-quality eggs.…

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easy pasta sauce recipe

Easy pasta sauce – How to prepare an amazing oriental pasta

The post is about how to make an easy pasta sauce, but not the conventional sauce with tomato, cheese, and milk. I want to serve the sauce in my cafe with a ‘wow’ factor, which intends to give a pleasant surprise my customers. For sure, it was an uphill task to find one among thousands…

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pork and century egg Chinese porridge recipe

Chinese Porridge Recipe – With Lean Pork and Century Eggs (皮蛋瘦肉粥)

This Chinese porridge recipe is one of the most comforting breakfast favorites among the Chinese. The porridge (congee) is called the Lean Pork and Century Eggs Porridge (皮蛋瘦肉粥). Many people think that the only way to get the velvety smooth porridge is to simmer the porridge for long hours. In this porridge recipe, I’ll describe…

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zongzi feature image

Zongzi recipe- 6 easy steps to make the best rice dumplings

My mother-in-law is a Cantonese zongzi (rice dumpling) expert. She was famous for making the best zongzi in her hometown in Kampar. Since the Zongzi Festival (also called Duanwu Festival, Dragon Boat Festival) falls on the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, I decide to make my own rice dumplings, tapping into her expertise and…

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how to cut chili

Chili- How to prepare chili for Asian cooking

Chili is used in Asian cooking more than any western cuisines. I cut, dice, mince and blend them daily, and below is the collective experience I want to share with you. There are three types of chili regularly used for cooking in Asia (where I live)- the red chili, green chili, and the bird’s eye…

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Wonton soup featured photo

How to make the best wonton and wonton soup

My recent trip to Hong Kong, the birthplace of wonton and wonton soup is a fruitful one. I have the advantage of having my siblings staying in Hong Kong and have the privilege to savor some of the best wontons in town. They also brought me to places only known to the locals to hunt…

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chicken biryani recipe

Chicken biryani recipe – how to cook the best rice dish in the world

Everyone loves chicken biryani rice, and here is why this deliciously flavored chicken biryani recipe conquers the heart of the most demanding gastronomes. It is not surprising people crave for biryani rice, with the distinct flavor even for the non-Indians. The process of cooking in dum style enable the aroma and flavor imbue into the…

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Chinese roast chicken

How to make the best Chinese roast chicken with super crispy skin

There is nothing more satisfying to enjoy the perfect Chinese roast chicken with super crispy skin. I know there is nothing simpler than roast chicken. However, you do need to know certain tricks if you want a have crispy skin and tender meat underneath. And it can be more satisfying to roast a Chinese flavor…

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